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iRZ. Creating Wireless Future!

iRZ is an international manufacturer of wireless devices and fully integrated solutions. Today we are an acknowledged M2M industry leader in Russia.

The iRZ head office is located in St.Petersburg with the main research and development centre. The company holds its own manufacturing complexes in Russia and China. The unique policy of iRZ is based on flexible architecture of products and solutions, highly efficient deployment of cutting-edge technologies and responsiveness to market dynamics.

The success of our company obviously proves how to achieve significant results by considering clients’ needs, showing concern for the employees and responsibility to partners. The synthesis of the European management, Russian engineering expertise and manufacturing capacity of the Asian industry enables us to create solutions, corresponding to the concept "Universal for world, individual for customer".

The iRZ model range is distinguished by high quality components, support for advanced technologies and affordable prices. The company's products are highly competitive with the product features of leading global producers.