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Environment will benefit from development of the M2M industry.

Preserving the environment and taking care of the future of the Earth are principles, which must guide any modern company. We must preserve the planet for future generations.

Employees of the iRZ recognize this responsibility. That is why we are a "green" company.

  • We do not use harmful or toxic materials in our production. iRZ products are all ecological to the highest extent. After the expiry of their service or life time the majority of parts of the device can be recycled.
  • Our company facilities do not operate in a manner harmful for the local environment. Industrial effluents are not released into the nearby rivers and the air is not polluted with industrial emissions. Our environmental experts regularly monitor the environment.
  • We make our contribution to the environmental future of the planet. By producing and implementing M2M solutions, iRZ in­creases efficiency, because M2M technologies allow redutions in the consumption of natural resources, including fuel and this results in less exhaust fumes. Also they help to conserve heat, reducing production costs and increasing efficiency in consumption of electricity.