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iRZ has been founded to make substantial contribution to the future of wireless technology. M2M industry has a great potential and is one of the fastgrowing fields, and we have enough opportunities to take it to a whole new level.

2005 2006
iRZ enters the international market. The team of sophisticated professionals in wireless communication technology conducts a comprehensive monitoring of the M2M developing market and studies all the needs of target customers. As a result, they find out the need for creating flexible hightech solutions that can be easily integrated into various sectors, and saturating the market with finished products.
The iRZ head office is located in Germany, and the manufacturing center is opened in Russia within a year. Providing clientcentered service, we realized that the market needs only the most advanced solutions.
2007 2008
M2M industry continues its rapid expansion, wireless technologies undergo exponential growth around the world. iRZ is quick to respond to all current trends of the industry, it is actively developing and building background for further expansion. The solutions based on the latest technologies that cater for a variety of customer needs, are being developed. These enable iRZ to take an extensive part of the manufacturing and supplying market of M2M solutions for industrial automation.
2009 2010
Significant expansion of the company's customer base, entering entirely new markets including the West and the Asian region. The growth of the product range, support for all highspeed protocols and technologies: 3G, HSUPA, HSDPA and many others.
2011 2012
The launch of new manufacturing hubs now in the Asian region. The Trionis American and Chinese holding company buys 70% of the company's shares. The next stage in the development of iRZ is a transition to a totally new level due to integration of the European management, Russian engineering expertise and huge manufacturing capacity of the Asian industry.
2013 2015
The iRZ brand awareness is increasing. The company's head office is transferred to the Russian capital of culture St. Petersburg. Continuous growth of the company's model range fosters the opening of a new iRZ hightech development and manufacturing center. Expansion of manufacturing lines in China and Russia. Developing entirely new solutions, plans to expand the sales geography and access into new global markets. Opening of the company's division iRZ Online, specializing in development, manufacturing and implementation of professional systems for comprehensive tracking of vehicles, specialty machinery and stationary facilities.