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10 June 2016
Dear users! Today is the holiday, celebrated all around our vast country. Our company is Russian developer and manufacturer, and we strive to develop wireless industry in our country. We wish everyone to lead a life of cheer, meaning and dignity, and every household to be a place of comfort, harmony and prosperity. Happy Russia Day!
05 May 2016
18th «Power & Electrical Engineering. Energy- and Resource Saving» specialized exhibition will be held on May 17 to 20 in Nizhny Novgorod. The exhibition is dedicated to energetics development as an imperative for stable economicgrowth. iRZ Company will present its highly-efficient wireless equipment: modems, routers and other devices, used in complex process automation - one of the main topics of the exhibition.
27 April 2016
iRZ Company and its official partner, Radiofid Systems Company, will participate in SVIAZ-2016, the leading Russian exhibition for information communication technology. The exhibition serves as platform for presentation of the newest information and communications technologies by Russian and foreign companies. iRZ Company will present its cutting edge telecommunication devices for wireless data transfer: modems, routers and other equipment, used in telematics, banking, resource accounting, vending etc.
07 April 2016
We are proud to present iRZ TU42-232 industrial 3G modem, fitted with USB 2.0 interface and Java platform support. Modem is designed for high-speed reception and transmission of data via GSM/GPRS channel
29 January 2016
We are preparing production launch of a new industrial modem, capable of high-speed data transmission in LTE, UMTS and GSM standards. New model has been assigned name TL12. The device can be connected to a PC via USB interface, and will be powered by USB cable. It can also be powered via Micro-Fit 4 connector.
25 December 2015
Dear users, friends and clients! We wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! May new year be fruitful and bring you success and prosperity! May your dreams and desires come true! We sincerely wish you good luck, strong health and high spirits in the upcoming year! 
08 December 2015
Dear customers! We are glad to announce that the warranty for all of our products has been increased to 3 years! We are adamant in the highest quality of each device we produce. Our development process is managed according to "Kanban" system; quality control is carried out by 8D standards. Each device undergoes mandatory certification, ingoing and outgoing inspections, as well as environmental, mechanical and other trials in our testing laboratory.
02 December 2015
On December 1-4 the exhibition "Electrical Networks of Russia" is being held in Moscow . It is a major industry event covering advanced achievements of Russian and foreign companies, the systems of electrical grid operational and process management and other innovative projects and developments in the industry of power systems. At this event, iRZ will present its latest developments in the field of wireless devices - both those already on sale and still in development. The products are being presented by the official iRZ distributor Radiofid Systems company.
14 October 2015
Radiofid Systems company, the official distributor of iRZ, now offers specialized M2M "Beeline" SIM cards. They can be optionally installed into any iRZ-manufactured device It is designed to save client's time, as they will not have to go to the office for the procedures of selection of a billing plan and registration - "Beeline" company's representatives will contact the user, make a contract and carry out all of the required connections. Also, all of the M2M SIM cards will have a shared account for operating efficiency.
30 September 2015
Dear users, customers and partners! Today Russia celebrates Internet Day. World Wide Web is a truly amazing invention that had the most monumental impact on the world. It is impossible to imagine modern life without it. Not only it stores all the information accumulated throughout human history, it is also an irreplaceable tool for billions of people. The virtue of the Internet cannot be overestimated. We congratulate all of the World Wide Web users from the bottom of our hearts! May the Internet grow, improve and come to every home in the world!