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We are one of the leaders in the field of equipment production and supply for wireless technologies. Our solutions are grounded in our in-depth analyses of market needs as they pertain to the relevant technologies.

Our corporate structure attracts people who want to succeed.

Our corporate vision embraces the following:

Quality production. We value our reputation, so we manufacture high quality products and work only with the most responsible and approved companies. We do not work with resellers and outsourced manufacturers. Our reliability is demonstrated by the numerous certificates and positive feedback from partners and clients.We offer com­petitive quality products to the market, only owing to our understanding of Quality as the basic element of company activity.

The customer`s needs. The main guideline in the work of our company is the client’s needs. We understand the importance of the individual approach and creation of specific, yet flexible solutions that answer to the specific customer's needs. iRZ is always ready to consider producing whatever specific product you need to move your business forward.

Highly-trained personnel. Our employees are our primary resource. We have gathered together a unique team of professionals of the highest class. Each one of them is a creative thinker. Together, our people stand for bold, innovative solutions.

Flexibility. Our specialists can work within most projects and time constraints and we have years of experience in interacting with different types of organizations.
All of our activities are aimed at increasing efficiency in communications. Our strategic goal is the development of the wireless technologies market. The company’s mission consists of ensuring the most reliable, modern and high-production communications. Our goal is to be industry leader in our field.